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Why IV Therapy?

Did you know that about 75% of American adults are chronically dehydrated as well as essential nutrient depleted? Almost everyone can therefore benefit from resuscitative IV therapy. If you’re an athlete, regular gym goer, or have been experiencing vomiting and diarrhea; you body’s ability to replenish the fluids and nutrients may not be efficient. Study shows that you can’t replenish fluid and electrolytes at the same rate as you deplete them. And the faster you try to replenish those fluids and electrolytes through oral intake alone is not sufficient and may result in more electrolytes and fluid loss through urination. For certain individuals who can no longer manufacture enough essential amino acids and keep up with their body’s needs, supplementation offers physiologic alternative.



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The traditional approach to getting nutrients into the body is by ingesting them in pills or by eating normally, but it’s not as effective as you might think- even if you eat healthy. Your body’s gastrointestinal tract can sometimes fail to absorb the vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream, turning them into waste. Even when your body’s digestive system is working properly, nutrient rich foods inadvertently lose vitamins and minerals when prepared and cooked a certain way. Scientific American reports that cooking vegetables lowers the vitamin levels found in them naturally. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that vitamin C levels in tomatoes declines by 29 percent when cooked for 30 minutes at 190 degrees F. With IV nutrient infusion treatment; however, nutrients in their purest form are delivered right into the bloodstream, making it the most effective way to reap their benefits completely.

FACT: It can take the body anywhere from 12-48 hours to digest solid foods completely. IV therapy is an immediate way for you to feel the effects of all the essential nutrients, compared to when ingested. Once the IV is inserted, the vitamin infusion goes directly into the bloodstream. The body then uses the vitamins and minerals to perform and facilitate many essential functions, including regulating metabolism, creating red blood cells, and maintaining the immune system. You may feel the physical effects, such as increased energy, right away depending on your nutritional and hydration levels. In some cases, you may even see better skin complexion and improved mood for subsequent days.

FACT: Not only can IV therapy be used for many types of health problems, it can mend sore muscles, boost the immune system, help with post-workout muscle recovery, dehydration, chronic fatigue and much more.

FACT: No one eats protein once; other nutrients are no different. You should be consistent with your IV nutrient treatments to empower your lifestyle.

FACT: It is as safe as IV’s found at your local hospital, and doctors endorse it.

It’s simply false to think IV nutrient treatment is an experimental or dangerous medicinal practice. On the contrary, it’s a very safe and simple process that uses the same quality ingredients used in hospitals around the world. Like in hospitals, no adverse reactions occur as a result of administering an IV. In some cases, people experience slight cooling of the arm, mineral taste in the mouth, all of which is normal during the IV process.

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